so what does 2013 have in store for me I wonder?

Well, if I have my way I’ll get my next book written, have loads of lovely, fun weddings (my calendar is booking up quickly), keep teaching, and get my new company, Queensland Bridal Awards, up and running (more about that for another post).  I’m a busy person, as in, I like to be busy, it energises me.  So many people ask, how do you fit it all in?  I just, do.  Funnily enough though, the busyness of both weddings and Uni ebb and flow together.  At the moment, both are quite low energy – a few weddings here and there, and not much Uni responsibility. Both will change in February when teaching starts again and weddings pick up.  Then when Uni is frantic with marking etc, my weddings will be full on.  and then June July will slow down again before the chaos of August – November for both Uni and weddings again.

So while I have the opportunity to do nothing, I thought I might give it a go – see if I like it.  Today, I’m going to read and potter.  All day  🙂  (ok, so not quite nothing – I’ll be reading texts for Uni – but hey, I don’t have any Madison magazines).  I’ll do some planning for the year … put the house on the market (eeek), check flights and accommodation to Amsterdam (I’m speaking at an International Literature Conference in August) and basically potter around doing small stuff.

I should try to enjoy this lull before my year takes off in February  🙂