Sunshine Coast’s EventManager-Zilla

Well, I’ve been doing this for a while and have never come across such bitchy, bossy, controlling and rude event manager as the woman from King Ludwigs at Maleny.  I heard later that its known as King Luny’s because she’s such a psycho.  Yep – works for me.

I vetoed a photographer years ago and said I would never work with him again (abusive to the bride etc etc) and have said to clients who were considering him that they’d have to choose between him and me … luckily they’ve all chosen me  🙂

So, after the most unpleasant experience yesterday – I now veto King Ludwigs.  People if you want to suffer in her torture chamber – choose another celebrant

Happily though – the wedding went smoothly and no-one was the wiser that we were just about to rip each other’s hair out  🙂