The year that was – goodbye 2015

Wow what a rollercoaster year!

This year I graduated with a Doctoral Degree at University of Sunshine Coast.  I was also awarded the Chancellor’s Medal, so was given the privilege of addressing the 3000 guests.   As a result of that, I’ve been asked to be the Key Note speaker at International Women’s Day in March.  Along the same vibes, I’ve been asked to speak at a “Youth at Risk” Symposium on the Gold Coast in March.  Exciting times and I get such a thrill if anyone asks about my thesis, so I’m super stoked that someone is interested in hearing about it!  “Is social networking enabling an increase in narcissism and violence in teens?”  (Answer: yes!  derr!).  I’m working of turning my thesis into book for caregivers, parents, teachers, or just the plain curious, it will be ready to release in 2016


Kenny and I sold our house in Paluma Terrace (a woman literally came and knocked on our door and made us an offer which we happily accepted) and found our dream home at Mudjimba (a new home finished in 2013 and never had anyone living in it – everything is still all shiny!).  We’ve added a pool to the new house and landscaped it too – so there hasn’t been a spare minute!

And of course, I met so many gorgeous loved up couples.  It was an absolute pleasure to know you and marry you – I’ve had an absolute ball with my weddings this year!  Here’s some sneak pics of some of the fun.


My Wedding Wish was active and gorgeous suppliers have once again jumped on board to be part of something really special.  I founded MWW in 2013 – it’s a project that gifts full white weddings to couples with terminal illnesses.  Along with the beauty that comes along with such a gorgeous project, is the immense grief and sadness when the sick partner passes away.  In 2015, we lost Chrissy, MWW’s first recipient, DJ Hall, Graham and Russ (we didn’t get to donate to Russ – he went too quickly).  All went within a month – I was gutted.  I’m thinking in 2016 I’ll work towards making MWW a registered charity – it was supposed to happen in 2015 but the move and house put most other things on hold.

I started up Elope to Australia at the beginning on 2015 and I’m happy to say I’ve arranged some pretty special elopements and small weddings from around the globe.  It’s a great little business!

I’m looking forward to a spectacular 2016!  I hope you’re a part of it with me  🙂

Watch out for my new business as a social commentator, author, public speaker on topics such as: social networking, narcissism, violence, desensitisation, cyberbullying, teen suicide, porn and teen sexual health