woah, finally updated my website!

I’ve finally had some time to sit down and update my website … so while not a whole lot has changed, I’ve updated my I LOVE page and took some peeps out and added some new ones.  Obviously, there’s a heap of people I’d recommend but the list has to stop somewhere!  My latest “find” is the gorgeous Sandy (an ex bride of mine actually) who is now doing floristry work and will save you a bomb.  Shoot me through an email and I’ll send you her details.  My list of photographers was difficult – I put a range of prices – Kerrie who is the lower end of the market (but still great) to the awesome Tom Hall whose work belongs in Vogue – and of course Ben and Melissa and Karen – three photographers I work with alot.  Ben was doing videography but is moving to all photography – a loss for the videography on the Sunny Coast.

So check them all out – I dont recommend people i dont know – so I can guarantee the work/services of these people  🙂