About Me

About me

Lynette Maguire CMC JP Qual
Doing my thing! Marrying gorgeous couples around Australia

I've been a celebrant for 15 years and my tag line: MAKING WEDDINGS FUN will give you an idea of my wedding ideology.  I'm naturally a happy, high energy person and very positive and upbeat, and I'm a celebrant because I love people and happy times.   I LOVE being a celebrant - it's not a job for me, it's my social life (I know this makes me sound like a loser, but if you read on, you'll see why I just love my couples and my weddings - I'm super busy with other stuff).

I love a good red wine (and to be honest sometimes a dodgy red wine is okay too), chocolate in most forms, a really good coffee and fresh healthy food.

I'm big on getting to know my brides and grooms and not being a stranger on your day. I have some pretty cool ways of getting information about the two of you (no stalking involved) that can be used in your ceremony, so your wedding is actually about you - not something that's been nicked from the internet. It's important for me that when you both stand in front of your friends and families, you feel comfortable and cruisy - not "omg! I'm making a d%^* of myself.  Get me out of here".

That's why it's important that you pick the right celebrant.  If you don't, you're likely to get a ceremony that suits the celebrant - not you.  I promise I won't give you a ceremony that's "fluffy and cheesy" when you're not that sort of couple.  If you are a 'loved up' couple and you'd like lots of emotional stuff - well I can make the lovey dovey stuff just gorgeous too!


When I'm not marrying people, I teach at the University of the Sunshine Coast and I've just finished my Doctorate - so now I'm Dr Lynny.  I'm Chief Executive Officer of a national charity, My Wedding Wish, and we gift weddings around Australia to couples battling terminal illness.  Check us out and join us on facebook.

On top of that, I run Elope to Australia, and can pull together elopement packages in most areas of Australia - I can't be your celebrant though!  :(

I'm also Principal Consultant for Now Generation, a consultancy firm that specialises in teen behaviours including narcissism, cyberbullying, porn addiction and sexting, so I consult into schools.  I also consult to businesses about generational changes and how these changes will effect the way we do business in the future. I'm a sessional tutor at University of the Sunshine Coast and run Community Engagement Workshops for them as well.

I'm married to the wonderful Ken Maguire (wow! 20 years in 2020) and our beautiful daughter, Bronte has flown the coop to live in Melbourne.