Everyone deserves a fabulous wedding (along with a few laughs)

Lynette Maguire CMC JP Qual

Lynette Maguire, Civil Marriage Celebrant on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

I’m a marriage celebrant based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and I love to work with couples who just want to enjoy their wedding day rather than get caught up with the bs of getting married.

If this is you, we’re a perfect match.

Planning a wedding can get stressful, but we can work together to make your day absolutely fun and fabulous!

I have a strict “NO BRIDEZILLA” rule.  If you’re getting stressed, ring me and let’s chat through the issue. I’ve been a celebrant for eleven years, so chances are I’ve heard most stuff!   I want you to have fun and enjoy your day from start to finish, because you’re that sort of couple – and that’s what you want your wedding ceremony to reflect.

 I ask all of my couples: Do you want your ceremony to be more fun, or more emotional?  Most of the time the groom says FUN and the bride says EMOTIONAL!  So the vast majority of my ceremonies are a beautiful balance between the two.


Many of my couples are pretty laid back and they really want their wedding to be relaxed, interactive and fun – usually a reflection of their personalities. That’s what makes my ceremonies different and very popular: they’re modern, interactive and we all get to have a laugh while you get married.  You’ll have a great time and so will your guests.  They won’t be bored senseless wishing for the ceremony to finish and booze to start.

Oh, and (bonus!): I guarantee a “CHEEZE FREE” zone.

If you’re not boring people, why have a boring ceremony? Finally, you have a choice!

You can have a wedding that is modern, lighthearted and fun.  Don’t get me wrong, your ceremony will still be emotional and intimate – you just get to have a laugh and enjoy ourselves at the same time.  I’ll give you a legal wedding ceremony that is –

  • fun and light
  • contemporary
  • emotional (hey, it’s a wedding!)
  • and definitely NOT cheesy or boring



Lynette Maguire CMC JP Qual

Doing my thing! Marrying gorgeous couples in Queensland

I’ve been a celebrant for eleven years and my advertising: MAKING WEDDINGS FUN will give you an idea of my wedding ideology.  I’m a happy person and very positive and upbeat, and I’m a celebrant because I love people and happy times.   I LOVE being a celebrant – it’s not a job for me, it’s my social life (I know this makes me sound like a loser!).

I love a good red wine (and to be honest sometimes a dodgy red wine is okay too), chocolate in most forms and a really good coffee. When I’m not marrying people, I teach at the University of the Sunshine Coast and I’ve just finished my Doctorate – so now I’m Dr Lynny.


I’m married to the wonderful Ken Maguire and our beautiful daughter, Bronte has flown the coop to live in Melbourne.

I’m big on getting to know my brides and grooms and not being a stranger on your day. I have some pretty cool ways of getting information about the two of you (no stalking involved) that can be used in your ceremonies, so your wedding is actually about you-not something that’s been nicked from the internet. It’s important for me that when you both stand in front of your friends and families, you feel comfortable and cruisy – not “omg! I’m making a d%^* of myself.  Get me out of here”.

That’s why it’s important that you pick the right celebrant.  If you don’t, you’re likely to get a ceremony that suits the celebrant – not you.  I promise I won’t give you a ceremony that’s “fluffy and cheesy” when you’re not that sort of couple.  If you are a ‘loved up’ couple and you’d like lots of emotional stuff – well I can make the lovey stuff just gorgeous !

Summer in Queensland has been known to reach the 40's so don't forget your guests: make sure there's plenty of water, sunscreen and shade. Oh! and don't keep them waiting too long.

Check out the Tide times if you're planning on a beach wedding, and the sunset and sunrise times can help you plan your day.

If you're panning on getting married outdoors it's really important you consider the possibility of bad weather. Get yourselves a "Plan B" - a place you're just as excited about as your "Plan A" - it may save some tears on your day! (If you get stuck ask your reception venue if they can cater for you - most will be able to oblige!)

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