Where to get married on the Sunshine Coast?

Beautiful Mudjimba beach on a stormy day - makes for great photos!

The Sunshine Coast has SO many beautiful locations it can be hard to pick a spot – there’s just so many to choose from. Stunning hinterland venues like the Maleny Botanical Gardens, Mary Cairncross Park, Gardners Falls and the list goes on. Then the squillion choices for beaches … my faves are Mudjimba beach (and the adjoining beaches), Pt Arkwright, Point Perry … really what’s not to love! If you want some hints on where would best suit your wedding, shoot me an email or phone call and I’ll give you some pointers (eg what beaches have stairs etc) …

When you’ve found an awesome spot – you’ll need to book with Council …

Beautiful Mudjimba beach on a stormy day - makes for great photos!
taken by MelissaJean Photography – a stunning Mudjimba Beach

fill in the form and shoot it back to them – it’ll take about 10 days for them to approve it – oh and it will cost $155 for the privelege. But, there’s other stuff to consider – the Council cannot guarantee that there won’t be other people on your spot – its public land. What they can guarantee is that no other wedding party has BOOKED that spot. So, its something to think about.

Stunning views of the hinterland
a gorgeous shot (by Tom Hall Photography) of Dale and Kirra in the hinterland – this time just after the rain

Also, have a think about parking for guests – some places like Noosa Beach or Point Cartwright, Mooloolaba are horrible for parking and traffic has been known to get to a standstill. Where will your reception be and how will the guests travel to and from? What if it rains? Do you have a contingency? or, just as bad, what if its really windy? Trust me getting sandblasted on a beach is no fun for anyone. Is there power at the location? Are there steps down to the beach and will Granny be able to make it down there? … or back up again … what are the tide times? (and learn how to read them .. I had one couple who read the times wrong – haha trust me there’s not alot of room on Little Cove beach at high tide with 100 guests 🙂 (it was a lot of fun though!) …

just some thoughts for you 🙂