Kicking 2019 out of the park: the year that was

Wedding Celebrant Sunshine Coast

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

Well, that went fast.  I’m sitting here at my computer reflecting on the year that was in all it’s beauty and all it’s rawness.  Reading through my wedding schedule and remembering each ceremony and each couple and I can honestly say they were all absolutely fabulous.   That’s why I love being a marriage celebrant: I spend my time with beautiful couples at the most joyous time of their lives.  That’s called winning at life.

Nailed it!
One of my favourite weddings for 2019 a awesome fun loving couple <a href=httpswwwlukemiddlemisscom target= blank rel=noopener title=>LUKE MIDDLEMISS PHOTOGRAPHY<a>

Legal’s only wedding days were very popular

In 2019, through my business Elope to Australia I added a new product to my range catering for couples who want to marry without all the fuss and cost.   My legals-only coffee table ceremony days, where couples marry in a no stress, simple ceremony for only $450 have been super-popular!  I knew they would be.  Perfect for those couples who couldn’t be bothered with wedding planning, the stupid costs, and the stress.  They’re also popular if you’re planning on getting married in another country (think Bali for instance), but want the legal stuff kept in Australia.  So many couples said they didn’t know this was an option.  Well now there is.

Couples book a 30 minute time slot, come to the agreed venue on the agreed date and WHAM: married!   How simple!

I have several of these days booked in for 2020, but if the dates I’ve picked don’t suit, you can pick your own date for just a small extra cost.  The beauty is that you can still pimp it up and wear a wedding gown, say vows, exchange rings and have up to 8 guests.  So the legals-only weddings are a perfect way to marry on the Sunshine Coast.

HINT:  (If I get enough inquiries I’m happy to arrange these days in other parts of Queensland and Australia – just ask)

Love my job!
Yes I married SuperGirl to Batman thats me as The Incredible Hulk IMAGES BY LOU OBRIEN

Funerals and end of life ceremonies

I’ve conducted more funerals than in previous years – a heart wrenching time for the families left behind, but it’s always a real honour.  Two funeral ceremonies that come to mind were for young women who both died from cancer – both had over 300 guests attending to pay tribute.  Being told by family that the ceremony was ‘just perfect’ always gives me a thrill and I just love seeing big funerals – it shows that there is love in life, and love still, in death.

While I wasn’t marrying people, I continued to teach at University of Sunshine Coast my second home and of course running my Australian charity, My Wedding Wish.

Ken and I were blessed to have two overseas holidays this year: a month in the US and Canada, then two weeks in New Zealand and we just loved every second.  Bring on more travel in 2020!   And more weddings with more fabulous couples.

More travel needs to be a thing

Look at that view!
A favourite venue of mine for drop dead gorgeous views <a href=httpswwwmalenyretreatweddingscom target= blank rel=noopener title=>Maleny Retreat<a> This is Anna and Steves wedding Im having a laugh with the guests So much fun OLIVE TREE PHOTOGRAPHY

I wish you an amazing 2020 and hope it brings you the joy you deserve.

Love, Lynette.