it’s like rain on your wedding day ….

like the song goes … it figures it’d rain on your wedding day … trust my luck and all that.  Well, we’ve had lots of rainy weddings on the Sunshine Coast but because most couples are pretty relaxed it’s been no biggie to move their ceremonies indoors.  This is why I love working with laidback people  – we can’t control the weather, so we’ll just work to make everything as fabulous as possible – but indoors  🙂  no tears  🙂

And remember, if your photographer is worth their salt they’ll make the dark clouds panoramic and your wedding shots will be a.mazing.  It never ceases to astound me how talented some of my fave photographers are!

Anyway, back to the rain …. did you know that it’s supposed to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day?  Yeah, I agree, I reckon that’s BS  ….  and so did brides from hundreds of years ago … if it looked like rain they’d gather rocks and boil them to hold off the clouds.

So off you go, go grab some rocks ….