When websites attack

Life was pretty cruisy – late last year I was putting the finishing touches on my book, and I realised I hadn’t had any enquiries through my website.  I was still getting phone calls from new couples, and emails directly to me – but none via my website.   Then I looked at my bookings for 2017 and made a connection – my bookings were down also!


I sent myself an email through the Contact Me page and it didn’t come through.


I frantically called by webguy.  Apparently I had WordPress set on automatically update and, well, basically an update broke my contact form.

It had been broken for two whole months.

s%^&               f&*(               Bl**%$£

The thing is though, although my were bookings for 2017 were down, I’m a naturally very positive and happy person – for me it happened for a reason!  I’m loving lunching with friends on some weekends that I have off – and it’s given me time to work on my other loves, My Wedding Wish and Now Generation – and me!  And that to me is worthwhile!

So, the message is always look at the bright side of any situation!

And – if you think I’m probably booked, check again, I may not be  🙂  so ring me!

Ceremony fun at the Boatshed at CottonTree