When you marry a man … twice. No problems.

When you marry the same person twice …

A favourite tale from 2016.  I received an email inquiry from a bride in early 2016 about her wedding, so I sent her some information.  A few weeks later, she emailed me back saying:

Hi Lynette,

Thanks for sending all that information through, I’d really like to book you for our wedding.  But I think we might have problem.  You see, my partner has been married before – and you married him.  I was at the wedding and it was the best wedding I’d ever been to.  Are you okay with this?

Owl you need is love!
Owl you need is love!

Haha!  Well, yes of course I was.  This wasn’t the first time I’ve married a bride or groom twice. I remembered the groom (no names here 😃) and his first wife quite well (we were still friends on Facebook) – and it had been a very fun and memorable wedding.

I told the bride it didn’t bother me, if it didn’t bother either her or her fiancé.  I figured I’d already know half the guests at the wedding! They were both excited and they booked me, so the planning went ahead.

Their wedding was just as wonderful as his first one – complete with fabulous vows and ninja vows, a bride dog and Cheezels for rings because the groom hadn’t ordered the wedding rings in time. Such a fun loving couple.

Really, can it get any better than that?