Why a traditional wedding might not be your best choice

I’ve had a spate of weddings lately that have just made me smile! I love my goth weddings, my Star Wars weddings and anything a bit out of the ordinary. I’m talking a Harry Potter wedding at the Sunshine Castle, complete with Luna the owl delivering the rings; a Transformers’ wedding complete with awesome photoshopping; and I’m booked for a super heroes wedding (hmm me in lycra might be a problem – is there a middle aged size 14 super hero?).

In Sami's vows "you are my Optimus Prime"
In Sami’s vows “you are my Optimus Prime”

So, I was a bit saddened by a recent comment on a bridal Facebook page, something along the lines of ‘some of my guests aren’t coming because they don’t like my theme’ (goth/purple/black).

WTF? You’re kidding right?

Cookie cutter weddings are everywhere – anyone can have one of those – but to step outside the norm and embrace your personalities is the bombdiggity!! If people don’t come to your wedding because of it, you don’t want them there in the first place! It’s a real field leveller. Celebrate our wedding our way or bugger off!


A curly blonde haired Darth Vadar
A curly blonde haired Darth Vadar

Because, it’s actually not about the theme or the colour or what dress you wear – it’s about celebrating the bride and groom’s relationship in a way that is important to them. Yes, I know a lot of mothers interfere and bulldoze their way through the wedding planning but seriously, don’t let them! They’ve had their day, you should have yours.

Go totally themed or just add a bit of quirkiness!
Go totally themed or just add a bit of quirkiness!

Think about what you both like to do – what defines you in your life and figure out a way to incorporate that into your wedding. If you’re not game enough to do a totally themed wedding – here’s some cool ideas from some of my weddings:

Bride dogs
Bride horses
Bride snake (complete with a black tie)
Bride bearded dragon
Bridesmen and Groomsladies
Origami invitations
Bash a Piñata to get the rings (OMG! Funniest thing you’ve ever seen!)
Have the rings delivered in a remote control car
Have a GoPro wedding
Suspend your rings in jelly (yes, really!)
Have vodka shots instead of the traditional champagne toast or at a zoo
Have your wedding in a theatre or at a football field
Have a wedding where everyone sits in a circle – including the B&G and celebrant
Surprise weddings are awesome
Spin the bottle to decide on witnesses
Hand out raffle tickets and draw two winners (witnesses)
Beach wedding – the bride wore a white bikini and veil, the groom wore white boardies and a top hat

Bring your animal friends into your ceremony
Bring your animal friends into your ceremony